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30 June 2020
  • Added a new dealer and their bespoke products.
  • Sent users their first update email.

29 June 2020
  • Created a function for users to receive the hype of the week via email.
  • Created profile page for users to change their settings and decide which system emails they receive.

15 June 2020
  • Added a new way to view the hype page by trick in addition to the existing by dealer view.
  • Removed two dealers as their sites no longer work.
  • Updated another dealer as their site had moved.

14 June 2020
  • Added a page for creators who have an issue with the concept of a central trick link database.

08 June 2020

04 June 2020
  • Added the explainer video to the home page.
  • Created the mtdb Owl logo.
    • The Owl signifies knowledge, and a guardian for your tricks and passwords.

02 June 2020
  • Added QR Code reader to the edit collection page, to allow you to add an explaination link vis a QR Code rather than type it in.

01 June 2020
  • Lots of work automating the Hype section, tyring to get a system to read dealer emails isn't easy, the computer keeps believing the hype and trys to buy the trick.
    • Wondering why 'certain' dealers keep sending the same stuff through each day on email.
    • Also, wondering why 'certain' dealers keep trying to use clickbait and saying 'this trick is great' but not saying the trick till you open the link! Makes me cross.

19 May 2020
  • Added search function to creators and dealers pages.
  • Added over 3000 new tricks/books.

18 May 2020

12-15 May 2020
  • Joined what was the explaination link page & collection page, as they were too similar.
  • Gave users permission to add new tricks and pull data from dealer links to save time.
  • Added CAPTUR code to the message form, I was getting spam!
  • Lots of background changes to help split out creator info.

11 May 2020
  • Messaging functions now working, you can now send/receive messages from the items you wish to sell/buy.
  • If you're wondering why I've built a messaging function rather than just link to email, it due to SPAM. I'm aware of certain magic dealers that scrape the data from other sites then send unsolisited email to them. I don't want to add to that.
  • You can now offer your items for sale, add a trick to your collection, then tap on "Wish to Sell". You can tap on the edit icon to change prices etc.

07 May 2020
  • Started work on giving you the ability to offer your second hand magic for sale.
  • Started to add the message functions ready for the for sale responses

06 May 2020
  • Added a bunch of new tricks.

04 May 2020
  • Starting to automate the compliation of the Hype page, many dealers add tracking links to their products in the email, which don't help.
  • Also staring to build a price scraper so you can check the prices on several magic sites, Vanishing Inc have the best site to work with, lot of love for them this week.

03 May 2020
  • Removed all tricks and creators and re-added them with descriptions, images, and better rules to find the correct creators (took ages).
  • Added alias info for creators, lots of magic tricks have creators listed inconsistantly, good example Leo Smetsers / A.O. Smeters / Leo Smetsters.

30 April 2020
  • Added a contact us link, for questions and enhancement requests.
  • Changes to the admin area to speed up the site.
  • Created the ability to catalouge your collection.
    • You will find links on trick & creator pages to add a trick to your collection, you need to be loggen in first.
    • Longer term you will be able to also offer your items for sale.
  • Added a search box to the tricks page.

29 April 2020
  • Added the ability to add reviews for Dealers, Tricks & Creators.

28 April 2020
  • Added country filter for dealers.

27 April 2020
  • On "Add new link" page, changed "Select a Publisher" to AJAX.
  • Added hamburger navigation link.

24 April 2020
  • Added over 1,000 Creators.
  • Added over 11,000 Tricks.

22 April 2020

21 April 2020
  • Added a little timeline graphic to this page (I know, big deal right!).
  • Today was mainly background updates and fixes.
    • Fixed an issue with ratings where they didn't appear until after revisting dealer.
    • Tweeked the database to include some new fields ready for future enhancements
    • Added more dealers, now up to 117 from 101 (who knew there were so many).
    • Started to add short links for tricks and dealers eg. https://mtdb.co/?alakazam or https://mtdb.co/?impossible
    • Started work on the Tricks and Creators sections, long term you'll quickly be able to see who created what and what else they created or colaborated on.
      • Also add your trick reviews.
      • May also link in external independant video reviews.

20 April 2020
  • Both Edit & Delete now work for your explaination links.
  • Blog/Hype page now has links to buy direct from the dealer.
  • Started work on both the tricks & creators lists.
  • Added Patreon link to help pay the server costs and long term give people extra features.
  • Added ability to rate dealers.

17 April 2020
  • Added over 100 dealers to the site along with screen shots of their websites.
  • Added the ability to sugest a new dealer.
  • Added seperate pages for dealers ready for descriptions/reviews/ratings etc.
  • Added blog for new releases, a list of what the dealers are releasing (collated from emails).

16 April 2020
  • First draft of the mtdb site created.

15 April 2020
  • Converstaion between SH & GB discussing the need for an easy way to collate magic links.

17 October 2012
  • Registered mtdb.co to create a database of magic tricks. Then did nothing for nearly eight years (I'm a lazy git).

Upcoming changes
  • Create the ability to create a set list, for a gig, keep it for next year so 'if' you get a repeat booking you don't repeat your tricks.
  • You can click here to contact us with your ideas.

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