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A couple of sites/facebook gropus have refused to advertise this site as they felt there would be complaints from creators. That made me rather upset because they didn't check any facts, just assumed. This site was created to help people, and honestly to keep me sane during lockdown.

However look, we understand you may have concerns, but please consider the following:
  • We in no way condone trick piracy, this is a tool to collate your own links, not share.
  • There's no function on the site to share or pass a link to anyone.
  • All the links and passwords are encrypted, even I can't see them.
  • There's no auto complete, to allow people to try guess any links.
    • Originally I had considered adding the above in as a function, but realised it's too easy to abuse.
  • I record IP addresses of users, if a user shared their password and links were getting lots of hits from different machines the users account would be blocked.
  • This site is simply a place to store your links, if people are wanting to share links they will do that by taking photos of the link in the package, not via this site.
    • In fact it's harder to share a link from here.
  • I have spoken to several creators and although a couple had initial fears this could be abused, they are now aware this site is secure.
  • One creator mentioned how several sites in the Asia-Pacific, rip off their downloads within 48hours of them being uploaded. This site won't stop that, but it certainly doesn't add to it either.
    • Whilst I understand piracy is a huge issue, this site isn't a contributing factor.

If you still have a concern, you're welcome to contact me, but first:
  • Ask yourself why you're concerned?
  • As a magician yourself can you really not see the usefulness of the site?
  • Please make sure you have registered to the site and tried the functions first before assuming?
  • Are you more concerned of lack of repeat sales when people lose their links?
  • When people lose their link slips, this site will save you time, rather than you having to deal with a buyer over email asking for the link.
  • Please focus on the positives and please don't assume the worst.
  • If you still have a concern you're welcome to contact us. Although if we see you haven't already registered and tested the site, we will simply ask you to do that first.

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