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 wtf is mtdb

mtdb = Magic Trick Database

01. Explanation Link Library

Magic Tricks are now more frequently coming with links to web instructions or videos, very often on a small slip of easily lost paper.

Sometimes these links are also hard to decipher as it could be an 0 or an o, and is that an 1 or a l.

Once you have decrypted the link you realise next time you are going to have the same problem, that's if you can find the "fortune cookie message" sized slip of paper with the link on.

Okay, rant over. So, that's part of what mtdb can do to help, you can add your links and passwords in here so they don't get lost, and next time you want to watch the tutorial you can just click the link, if you added the password it will be copied to your clipboard ready to paste (CTRL+V on PC or Command+V on a Mac).

This site was created by one magician after discussing this issue with another magician who shared the same frustrations.

If you're a dealer or creator concerned by a central explanation database, click here.

02. Your Magic Collection

You can add tricks to your collection, this helps you remember what you have. Next time you're walking around a dealers stand at a convention and thing should I get that or do I have it, you can check here before you commit.

03. Sell Your Unrequired Magic

Not everything we buy suits out style or works how we hoped, once you have added an item to your collection you can also offering it for sale.

04. Collate the Hype

We look through the dealer emails and pick out what's new and trending. This way you can stop wasting time clicking links in the "click bait dealers" emails.

05. Price Comparison

We also store the prices of tricks so you can compare dealers. Currently we have 23,015 prices for the 15,154 tricks the have been recorded, this is increasing daily.

06. More To Come

Add gig notes, keep a note of what you performed so in the event of a return booking you'll know what not to do.
Review links, going to try to collate different youtube reviews and add them against tricks.
Contact us with ideas.

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