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Yes and No
Permalink: mtdb.co/?YesandNo28225
Creator: Mark Leveridge Magic

Five ESP cards are freely displayed and a spectator nominates one of them, say the STAR. The performer claims to have known this one would be chosen even before it was selected.

Pointing to the CIRCLE, he asks the spectator to confirm that he did NOT think of that one. The spectator says "No." Immediately this symbol is flipped over to reveal that it has a large word NO written on its rear!

The performer then points to the CROSS. This was not selected either, and on turning it over, it too has NO printed on its reverse. This is repeated with the remaining two discarded symbols.

Finally, the spectator is asked to confirm that he DID think of the STAR. He replies "Yes." The STAR is then flipped over to reveal a large YES is printed on its rear! All the cards are then turned face down to show the 4 cards with NO on them and the one card with YES on it.

Only 5 cards are used, no extra cards or gimmicks are needed. The spectator has a completely free choice of symbol. The trick requires no re-set and is therefore perfect for strolling work. You receive the ESP cards, carrying wallet and full instructions.

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