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Ring in the Bell
Permalink: mtdb.co/?RingintheBell
Creator: Reynold Alexander

Ring Flight is a classic in magic that combines a borrowed object to an impossible location with the emotional hook of the object itself. Ring In The Bell is an astonishing ring flight with a sure-fire method that allows you to vanish a spectator?s ring and make it re-appear on the clapper of the bell they are holding.Reynold Alexander has been refining this method for years, and now he is sharing his brilliant method with the world. Not only is it easy to do, but the method is also practical and doesn?t involve reels or pulls. The ring is under your control the entire time.A bell is an inherently magical object that produces a mysterious sound. When your spectator?s ring is revealed to be the clapper on the bell your audience will flip out. Ring In The Bell is perfect for walk around, parlor, and even stage performers. Put Ring In The Bell in your act and create a magical experience with your audience?s most personal possessions.

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