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Permalink: mtdb.co/?Magicall
Creator: Infiniti

The Magical Fake Call App For Magicians

Spectator thinks of someone famous…

the phone rings…

and… no s#!t… it’s them!? Huh!?!

Say “HELLO” to a brand new mentalism app that lets you reveal a thought of celebrity in the funniest, most visual, hard hitting, impossible, awe-inducing, brain tickling way ever… through a phone call.

‘Magicall’ was created by Mark iNFiNiTi and has been developed by the-best-of-the-best: the man who brought you best selling magic app iUnlockYourMind (Myke Phillips). Designed with cutting edge, multiple input methods, the app lets you schedule a fake call on your iPhone in real time (no force) from any named person in the world.

Ask a spectator to name any celebrity or person they like, or better still – peek their chosen star with your favourite method.

Secretly schedule the call and… ring ring… watch their brain explode as their celeb’s face flashes up on your phone.

Magicall is always ready to go and comes preloaded with over 700 of the most world-famous callers and their photos – (including a range of Superheroes) – but you are not limited to just these.

You have the freedom to schedule a call from absolutely anyone (like a spectator’s loved one or even ex for some seriously creepy stuff!). The screens have been painstakingly designed to look and feel like a real call whilst the ringtone can match your own. You even have full control over when the call takes place … 10 seconds… 30 seconds… a minute or 2 down the line.

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Ross | 22 June 2020 15:16

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