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Permalink: mtdb.co/?COVERTREEL
Creator: Uday Jadugar

With a totally redesigned housing and new multi-connection feature, this reel is easy to connect and easy to re-set.

Now the iBoss brand reels are unavailable Uday has made a reel that it amazing and it is by a long way the best reel we have ever used.

It fixes to you with magnets or safety pins (not supplied), the housing is half open so there is no need to take it to bits to repair a snapped thread and you can easily adjust the tension.

What amazed us is not only the new design but that being roughly the same length as the iBoss we used to sell you can pull 2 of 3 times the thread out without fear of it breaking.

You also get a video tutorial with the reel making it a great value package.

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